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Coaching is about more than just asking questions

It helps to extend your toolkit beyond just listening and asking questions, using 'left brain' and 'right brain' methods. Because 'left brain' thinking tends to dismiss 'right brain' thinking, it is often better to lead with the right brain (the title of a great book by Yda Bouvier). 

Right brain methods work directly with your 'stories', eg via: 
Working with pictures or imagery or metaphor or visualisation or storytelling 
Mapping out complex systems ​with post-it notes or objects or simple drawings 

Sitting in the other's chair or other exercises involving physical enactment 

Observing what is happening in the interaction between coach and client 

Left brain methods work on your 'focus' (conscious or unconscious), eg via: 

Framing with new models which help provide a new focus / new awareness    
(simple 2x2 grids, NEO / MBTI / Centaur / DISC, Transactional Analysis etc) 

Re-framing with CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) based approaches ​

Ongoing mindfulness practices increase our capacity to (self) observe / (self) reflect 

"I hear & forget, see & remember, do & understand" Lao Tzu
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