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Tai Chi is a physical mindfulness practice

Tai Chi is a powerful practice for body and mind which I have found particularly helpful in my own development. It's a physical mindfulness practice, which can clear the body of old emotion-linked tensions, and improve ongoing regulation of emotional responses. It fits with my brain aware approach, because it works directly on patterns of limbic response.  

We know limbic brain tends to perceive things in a binary fashion - they are "good" or "bad". And bad produces the basic defensive reactions of "fight, flight or freeze". One way of explaining the purpose of  Tai Chi is to say that it trains your brain NOT to judge things as good or bad, but rather to observe them as simply being. There is no need to move towards or away - we can remain still. Which is, of course, very different to being frozen! 

In this framing of Tai Chi, its essence is all about being "ok" whatever is happening to you - either internally (eg a self-critical voice in your head) or externally (eg a threatening situation). And because you feel ok (ie relaxed, stable, flexible), you can also be your best. 

Tai Chi "play" is my practice for being my best at times when that's hardest for me. 

"To know yourself is wisdom. To master yourself is power." Lao Tzu 
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