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Examples of group work delivered via collaborations      

Mike is an associate coach at London Business School and was previously a director of The Praxis Centre at Cranfield School of Management, where he co-led their Power & Influence (ie org politics) programme. He works on programmes and team interventions on a client by cient basis, with various associates, eg: Yda Bouvier; Rebecca Rumsey; Andy Logan; Sandy Cotter; Anne Shearman; Alison Temperley; Karen Gervais ...

Eg: Leadership Development Programmes (non-LBS)

Global Leaders Programme, Financial Services: Small group work and 1-2-1 coaching over 18 months / 3 modules, focused on "leading in a VUCA world" 


Women's Leadership Programme; Global Consultancy: "Coaching led" design using large and small group work, plus 1-2-1 intermodular coaching ​


Independent intermodular coaching; Financial Services: Working 1-2-1 with participants in parallel to a multi-modular programme, but independent of it 


"Coach to coaches"; Global Consultancy: As needed 1-2-1 "live" coaching of line managers acting as small group coaches on in-house training ​

Dysfunctional executive team; Housing Assoc: An intervention over a 6 to 9 month period, using 1-2-1 and group work to improve team dynamics  

Shareholder decision-making; Family business: A series of interventions over a 12 month period to facilitate changes in inter-personal dynamics / behaviour  

Team sales success; Financial Services: A series of off-site workshop using "as live" coaching of CF deal teams practising their pitch presentations 

Partner team strategy workshops; Specialist Consultancy: Series of off-sites to work on the behavioural changes needed to drive sustainable growth. 

EG: Work with Teams 
"Nobody loses by collaboration; it's defined as win-win​" MB
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