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Mindfulness supports 'mindsight' (= brain awareness)  

What I call brain awareness, Dan Siegel calls 'Mindsight' (the title of one of his best books). He connects psychology with neuroscience, by defining the mind in terms of physical neuro-biology. And his definition of mind explains why mindfulness is such a helpful practice. 

He says the mind "regulates the flow of energy (information) within the brain, body and inter-personal relationships". In this definition, the mind is an "emergent function of a complex biological system" - ie, it is both created by the system, and shapes it's own development

Good differentiation of a system's parts brings flexibility - more different parts can be organised in more different ways. Good connection brings stability - parts do not do things independently or randomly. Good integration does both (ie differentiation + connection). 

Mindfulness focuses attention in a way that improves integration of the mind.  

  • Download Dan's 'Wheel of Awareness' or read his book 'Aware

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"Mindsight is a learnable skill" Dan Siegel
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