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You see A and B as different - even when you know they're the same 

We shouldn't always believe our eyes - but we nearly always do!

How we see the image depends on what we focus on and what 'story' we make up - a series of assumptions or 'guesses'. Hence why the image changes when a different framing is added in to change our focus and change the assumptions (eg what is like what). The same is true of our overall (ie not just visual) perception

If you want to watch some videos which also show how little you can trust your eyes (ie your perception), try these: 


The two key points to take away - and use to solve the toughest problems - are

1. Our perception is always a subjective NOT objective reality

2. We can change perception by changing the 'framing' - ie deliberately 're-framing' 

"What you see is NOT all there is" Daniel Kahneman  
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