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Brain Awareness allows you to lead organisations with EQ 

Leadership success depends on your ability to navigate four domains of EQ - as set out in Daniel Goleman's (best) book 'The New Leaders'. It's all about brain awareness and mind management.  

An example = Driving change. 

Suppose you are encountering a lot of resistance (D1).

You need empathy (D2) to realise that you are triggering irritation by constantly telling people what they should be doing differently. You decide to stop "pushing" and start "pulling", eg by asking questions and listening.

But to do that you will need to recognise (D3) and then control (D4) your own anxieties - perhaps about time, control or demonstrating your value. 

Another example = Navigating 'politics'.

Politics is about 'organisational influence' (D1). 

You clearly need EQ skills to read the situation and understand other perspectives (D2).

But you also need EQ to recognise (D3) and then manage (D4) your own negative reactions to the whole idea of 'playing politics' yourself,

NB: There's a separate page devoted to managing your emotions re politics! 

"Be the change you want to see" Gandhi
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