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Examples of 1-2-1 coaching and client feedback 

IT Director, Technology Services: helping him with a career decision about stepping up to become CEO, and preparing for the transition

MD, Banking: working on modifying his interpersonal style, which was causing issues with peers and team, and affecting his future prospects

Global Account Partner, Professional Services: helping him step up as leader of a global team and trusted advisor to senior executives

Partner, Law Firm: working with him on business development through collaborative working with other partners in a new market facing group

VP, Consulting Firm: working with him on promotion process

Female Director, Professional Services: working on transitional issues post promotion and on next steps towards partnership

"You gave me a comfortable feeling and the willingness to open up. That gave me the ability to learn quickly. I uncovered a key thing to change in my management style. That's the definition of success"

"You really encouraged me to explore the root cause of behaviours, not letting me take the easy way out. You were able to very accurately assess exactly what I needed to help me move forward"

"The visual image you conjured up in our last session connected in a way you couldn't have imagined. My relationship [with my male boss] has improved dramatically and I'm smiling again"

"Be yourself more... with skill" Professor Rob Goffee 
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