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You need the best "you" to show up  when it counts 

The first thing to accept is that there is not one 'you' - there are multiple versions of 'you', eg you at work, you at home, you when relaxed, you when stressed. You want the right version of 'you' to show up - and you only get the chance to make a deliberate choice if your PFC is switched on!  

To stay positive under pressure, find an image for your 'best self' that instantly brings to mind strengths you are proud of.  My 'Labrador Dog with Glasses' instantly reminds me - with a smile - that I am 'Friendly, Reassuring, and Insightful'. My smile switches my limbic to positive

And try these GREAT daily practices to cultivate a more positive 'default' mindset. Also, don't forget the importance of sleep. Tiredness also switches off the PFC, as well as making us more likely to feel negative rather than positive. Read 'Why we sleep' by Dr Matthew Walker. 

​Remember that our personality is NOT all we are. Our personality simply represents the 'stories' formed in our early years as a way of dealing with the world's many threats - 'stuff that happens'. So you not only want to use your personality well, but also use your PFC to choose new 'stories' from what Jung called your bigger SELF. This is often where we discover our  full potential.

"There's more to you than you think" Sandy Cotter
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